A little about me

An brief introduction to me as your breeder


10/18/20231 min read

Hi! Thanks for coming to visit my site. I thought I’d take a minute and introduce myself. My name is Tammy. I have a full time job as a registered nurse in the operating room besides my second job as a breeder of these amazing cats. I think my number one question that I get from people is “how in the world did you get started in breeding cats?!”Well back in 2018 a close friend took me to a cat show in North Carolina. Man, did my eyes get opened to a whole world that I never knew existed. I had no idea there were so many different breeds of cats. My friend’s favorite was the Devon Rex. Those cats were so little and soft but the first time I saw a Maine Coon my heart felt like it stopped. I was hooked in that first moment. I started to do my research on the breed. I loved how dog like they were, those huge tails and that big boxy muzzle! I was able to import my first cats from Russia in 2019. Mia, Bella and Asher are my first Maine coons. I’ve had a ton of ups and downs throughout my breeding journey. It’s not easy. It’s definitely a lifestyle commitment. There is cat hair on virtually everything that I own. It’s a little awkward when friends want to come over but can’t because they have cat allergies. I’m so thankful for all that I’ve learned. I’ve grown my Cattery to the point that I have to have a new building to better care for my cats as well as myself. My 3200 sq ft barndominium currently under construction. I will have my own space for myself, space for the Cattery including mother/baby suites, as well as an area for visitors to come and interact with my retired cats! Stay tuned for pics! Thanks for taking the time to learn alittle about me. Feel free to message with any questions!