"I truly had a wonderful experience working with Tammy to take home my very sweet, comical, loving (and massive) cat Leo. She clearly loves and takes wonderful care of her cats. When I visited, they were all very social and well-cared for. She knew every cat and kitten by name, as well as their personality quirks. She is very knowledgeable about Maine coons, and she clearly dedicates a lot of time to researching the best for her cats. Even after I adopted Leo, she has been a truly excellent resource if I have any questions (e.g., cat food, litter boxes, grooming, etc.). Leo is very social, very healthy, and very happy. I credit Tammy for all of this. I highly recommend Tammy and her cattery. You will not be disappointed."

- Julia Cook Beresford

”Where do I begin? In short, our experience with Tammy has been nothing short of incredible! Perfect really. We unfortunately lost our 7 year old cat in June and my family, especially my son, was absolutely heart broken. I reached out to Tammy and she had 2 girls available in the color my son wanted. She sent videos, pictures, and walked us through every single question I had about health and genetic testing. We decided on a kitten but truly wanted two. Tammy was religious about sending us updates with videos and pictures while we waited for her to grow big enough to come home. We flew in from Arkansas on the big day. Little did we know, Tammy also brought Nova’s sister with her that we were having a hard time choosing between. I’m sure you can guess what happened lol. I brought home both sweet girls and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! My family is so in love with these precious girls! They are so incredibly social and you can tell they have been loved from day 1. Tammy is an amazing breeder and puts in so much work with her beautiful babies. We can’t thank her enough for helping our hearts heal!”

- Laken Anderson

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"We got our Leo from Tammy and thankful for that decision daily. We have a cream Maine Coon. He has so much personality being raised with her family before he came to ours. Tammy answered every question we had. We were scammed a few times prior and we were skeptical at first. She would update us with each milestone whether it be a vet appointment or something new he was doing. We have had Leo a little over two years and we are at a point to wanting another. I would not go anywhere else to get a kitten. Ours is not polydactyl but maybe the next. Tammy keeps up with our Leo whether it be Facebook or texting. She has such care for the kittens she raises."

- Hope Domele

"She truly cares about her cats, and it shows. The kittens are healthy, well-socialized, and absolutely adorable. Tammy is knowledgeable and always provides all the information you need, as well as providing you with a furry friend for life. Highly recommended!"

- Kipsangi Mankhwala

"We have 2 Maine Coons from size matters Cattery. They are the sweetest most lovable cats you will ever find. They mischievous and fun to watch and play with. Tammy does a great job making sure each kitten is socialized and well taken care of. I will always recommend her to everyone that wants a Maine coon!"

- Sarah Humerickhouse

"Tammy is 100% knowledge on the breed and will provide the answers to all questions. I love my gray MC with all my heart. She is beautiful and so social and loving. I can't even imagine a day with my gray girl. Tammy ours her heart and soul into each kitten. She only provides the best. Thank you Tammy!!!"

- Mindy Clark

"We would like to thank Tammy @ sizematters mc cattery for the extremely professional and yet very personal experience of purchasing our main coon. She cares for each one of her cats and kittens immensely, we could tell the love she gives them by the love we received from all of her cats when we picked up our new baby. The kittens are well socialized with dogs as well. Our kitten fit right in with the rest of our crew of dogs and cats and immediately became a part of the family. Thank you again Tammy for making our experience unforgettable!!"

- Dale Russell