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This is the official waitlist for a Size Matters MC kitten

The order of deposits received is the order a family will choose their kitten. When it is your turn to pick, I will contact you to make an appointment to visit or video chat. I will go over which kittens are available and if your dream kitten is not there then you will be moved up on the pick list for the next litter.

This list is updated as deposits are received and as kittens are chosen. Once you choose your kitten your name is removed from this list.

The newest litter was born on July 12, 2024. There are 4 boys and 2 girls.

  • Sarah L—Macaroon

  • Siddiquí S—Ledger and IRS

  • Lorrie F—Gouda

  • Joe G—Muenster

  • Abby B—Ilene and Mozzarella

  • Tracy I-Croissant

  • Lyndsey A-Bearclaw

  • Manorie G—Eclair

  • Jayme and Joe—Cupcake

  • Candace K—Madeline

  1. Jess P.

  2. George S.

  3. Kalynne B

  4. Katrina P.

  5. Matthew N.

  6. Nicole B.

  7. Jennifer B.

  8. Pamela R.

  9. Hala H

  10. Landon W

  11. Adam J—2 kittens

  12. Larry A

  13. Tara M.

  14. Sarah S

  15. Tina B.

  16. Sarah W.

    Families with deposits paid but on hold

  17. Stevie J

  18. Penny P

    *updated 7/18/24